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As a podiatrist in Sumter County and the surrounding communities of Southwest GA since 1997, Dr. La Russa and his staff appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality lower extremity care. Your individual needs and concerns are our foremost priorities. For that reason, our local podiatrist, Dr. Leonard La Russa and his staff will treat you with unparalleled courtesy, compassion and respect. 

Deborah V - Americus, GA


"My entire experience with Dr. La Russa has been just wonderful. He and his entire staff are extremely caring and efficient. When I found out I had to have foot surgery for my ingrown nail, I was terrified. I have never had surgery before, but the doctor made me very comfortable and his staff helped me calm down. After a speedy recovery, all of my foot pain is gone. I was treated with the best care at Family Foot & Ankle Center. I would recommend Dr. La Russa and his staff to anyone in need foot care."

Michael M - Montezuma, GA


"At first I was at first a little apprehensive about bunion surgery. Even though it caused me a great deal of pain to walk, I was hesitant about having surgery. However, after meeting the entire team at Family Foor & Ankle Center, I felt completely at ease with having the surgery performed. Dr. La Russa explained everything to me and it felt good to know what was going on. From the initial x-rays, through the operation and each physical therapy session, I always felt comfortable and calm. The staff here really cares about their patients. It has now been close to a year since my procedure and I'm happy to say that I'm fully recovered. I can dance and hike and run again! Hats off to Dr. La Russa and his talented team."

Susan P - Americus, GA


"As a runner I was none too thrilled about my Achilles injury. But thanks to Dr. La Russa I am really recovering well. I ran a half marathon last weekend in 1 hour 48 minutes and 19 seconds! I am very happy about the fact that I was able to run it and in a better than expected time. A hundred thank yous."

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